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In our office, I’m the only female on a team of five. Although the leader has given us all equal jobs on a project, he keeps giving me additional tasks such as sending emails, scheduling meetings, and organizing our research. He’s even asked me to “beautify” our presentation. I’m grateful for my position on the team but on top of my role as a team member he’s also giving me more remedial tasks. I don’t want to say it’s about gender, but it seems unfair.

Possible Responses

  • Address the situation to the leader by asking “Am I able to delegate some of these remedial tasks to other members of the group?
  • “I’m happy to pitch in, but I’m not sure why I’m the best person for these tasks”.
  • These additional tasks take me away my other responsibilities on the project. I’ll do X. Will you ask the rest of the team to cover the rest?”
  • “Beautify?!
  • If the leader’s response indicates these assignments are gendered: “I’m sure you don’t mean to say these things are women’s work?! I thought we shared tasks by skills not stereotypes.“
  • Reach out to other team members with your concerns, particularly that the assignments take away from your time for other contributions. “Would you be willing to bring it up to the leader? Your support would help.”