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A Culture of Denial?

A former colleague in my department has been accused of sexual misconduct at several institutions. I have recently learned that many of my fellow professors were aware of similar behavior when he was here but he moved on to another university without repercussion. When I have asked about it, some have shrugged and said “his research star power made him untouchable”. Others said “we got rid of him, what more do you want?”. Maybe I should just let this go, but it feels like the conditions that allowed him to abuse students could happen again if the department doesn’t value honesty and accountability.

Culturally Insensitive Housemates

I’m from NC (white) and my girlfriend is from the Philippines. My housemates make incorrect assumptions about her race, religion and family background and intentionally mispronounce her name.

Dress More Feminine

One of my (sport) teammates said to me, “Maybe you could try to dress more feminine…We don’t care if you’re gay, but we don’t want to get that kind of reputation.” I’m not a lesbian, but it still makes me mad!