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Speak Up Carolina: Conversations for Community

“Human, inclusive, and humane”
“We build a highly capable community, care how we treat one another, provide for each-other’s well-being, and facilitate personal success.”
“We are committed to operating effectively, sustainably, ethically, transparently, nimbly…”

These values, articulated in the University’s Strategic Plan, Carolina Next: Innovations for Public Good, set forth a strategic vision for the Carolina community. The Office of Ethics and Policy is committed to helping to realize that vision. Speak Up Carolina is a resource to foster constructive dialogue around difficult issues. When hurtful or alienating incidents occur, they affect us all. We may not know what to say. We say something and regret it. We may laugh uncomfortably. We may retreat, become frustrated or angry and wish later that we had spoken up. These events can be insidious and isolating; when that happens, they become part of the environment, and ultimately, they corrode community.

Speak Up Carolina consists of a variety of examples created with the advice of students, faculty and staff. It is intended to:

  1. support self-awareness,
  2. acknowledge shared experiences,
  3. encourage discussion and
  4. find strategies and resources.

We invite you to explore the site, use it to help realize our community’s values, and share your own ideas and encounters to help us continue to expand the resource.